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Customer Comments

“Winsome fragrance smells really really really really great! I’m so happy that I received Winsome for my birthday! I love it!”

– Amy, 11 yrs, Portland, OR

“I bought Sweet & Soft for my friend’s baby and decided to keep it for MY baby! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!”

– Katherine D., California

“Many compliments are made to my daughter on a daily basis of how sweet and fresh she smells. We roll it on every morning and it lasts for the entire day. The outstanding service and ability to order direct has been superior. Thank you for making our little girl extra “Sweet & Soft.”

– Mary Jo P., Indiana

“The Sweet & Soft lotion works great on sensitive skin. I use it to take care of my mother. I love the smell!”

– Barbara A., New York

“My son absolutely loves it! He has a lot of allergies and your natural ingredients makes All Star one of the few fragrances his body can tolerate. He loves it and at 16 wants more and it still smells good on him. I have a happy teen that smells terrific!”

– Kim S., Dubuque, Iowa

“My wife loves Little Champ, and I know my son will be excited when he gets up Christmas morning and finds that Santa left him cologne, just like Dad’s!”

– Rube B., North Carolina

“Both of my grandsons, ages 4 and 5, like Little Champ fragrance. It is very soft and not over-powering. The roll-on is very convenient for them. My youngest grandson asked me if I would buy him some more. I’m going to put it in their Christmas stockings.”

– Margaret C., Detroit, MI

“I am hooked on your fragrances and have gotten everyone I know hooked also. It makes Grandmas crazy! We’ve got the best smelling babies in the world!”

– Micah M., Texas

“My son uses Little Champ or All Star every day! He’s in 6th grade and wears it to school.”

– Donna T., New Jersey

“My boys love it! It’s so much nicer than other stuff we’ve tried.”

– Elizabeth F., Pennsylvania

“The boy’s fragrance is great for men too.”

– Shirley R., Virginia

“My grandson loves Little Champ! It is such a great fragrance for little ones!”

– Joanne M., Bakersfield, CA

“Makes a great gift for baby, big brother or big sister.”

– Nancy B., Lubbock, TX

“Winsome is really exhilarating! Your product is extremely well made. We dressed up, and wearing Winsome was the best part!”

– Maddy, 11 yrs, Portland, OR

“Our sons love the body wash.”

– Jeanette F., California

“My son is in 4th grade and needs a new bottle to start school. He said when he rolls it on ‘it reminds him of good things’.”

– Shannon S., Utah

“It’s incredible stuff! It’s part of our morning routine with brushing teeth. You can’t beat the price!”

– Dawn J., California

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